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Original Music & Arranging

Our secret to composing and arranging fantastic music is: talent, dedication, skill, precision, follow-through and imagination. We have that in spades! And our musicians are amongst the best.

"We were very happy with his score for our film!"
-Laura Farber, Director, We Are Columbine

"I was really impressed with the soundtrack Tom Hambleton created. Tom has real skill and versatility as a composer and he's also a pleasure to work with."
- Catherine Allen, Senior Executive Producer, Twin Cities Public Television.

"For 4 films we've had a great exchange, whether he's scoring from animatics or words that describe, he always seems to hit it."
- Melissa Butts, Director, Melrae Pictures; Mars 3D; Sun 3D; Space Junk 3D; Electropolis

"The music he created has been used to great effect throughout the series and I believe really helped move the show to the next level in a dynamic and creative way."
- Will Yates, Senior Producer: MonsterQuest.

“Tom executes creative sounds that bring new dimensions to visual storytelling. Combining a keen ear for film, prodigious musical skills, and state-of-the-art technology, his contributions to all productions…raise the values immensely.”
-Jerry Smith, Director: Non-violent Peacekeeping; The Real Story; Changing Patterns

Film Scoring


Play more of our music with this audio only demo of film music not on the video Scoring Reels!


Comercial Soundcloud Music Reel

An audio only reel of HORROR MUSIC! We find this type of work really fun too!

Original Music Scores

To hear them in full without that "pesky talking", check out our albums page by clicking on the button below:


Sometimes the difference between decent work and a masterpiece is a little collaboration. We partner with you, adding crisp ideas and perspectives to build something extraordinary.

Below is an audio only demo of some pieces we've been commissioned to give fresh arrangements to:

"This has got to be one of the best recordings I have ever done…My entire life I have wanted to interpret songs written by my generation and this is exactly what I imagined.  You have made a dreamers dream come true.
With sincere and utmost respect, admiration and affection,"

- James A. Rocco Vice President Programming, Producing Artistic Director  |  Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

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