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Noisy audio?

Location sound where it is hard to hear what people are saying?

Audio from an odd or old format that is not up to today’s standards?

Undertone can help!

We’ve been working for nearly 20 years on “less than ideal” audio from TV shoots, Documentary run-n-gun footage, compromised corporate situations, to audio recorded with problematic gear to simply unavoidably noisy situations. In that time we have logged thousands of hours on the state-of-the-art Noise Reduction tools that are expensive to own and daunting to learn. We’ve plumbed the depths of these powerful programs and learned the secrets of all those parameters so we can give you natural sounding audio that clarifies your message. And trust us, we know how to avoid that “squirrel in a jar on the moon” sound from going too far with processing, or simply not knowing what you are doing with the tools.


Background Noise

The world is full of air handling systems, hiss, traffic, wind, and a backdrop of sounds that make it difficult to hear the audio you want.

Whines, Whistles, Buzzes, and Sirens

These “simple” sounds can also pollute your audio and we have all the surgical tools for removing them and leaving you with the pristine source audio you want!


Clicks, Pops & Crackles

Whether it’s mouth clicks, electrical clicks, mic pops, clothing rustle, fire crackle and any other quick ticking sound, we have the right tool for minimizing or fully removing these short and annoying enemies of crystal clear audio.

Reverbs and Rooms

It happens. Your mic was not close enough, or, maybe it was, it’s just that the room was too “live” sounding. Not to worry, we have the tools help reduce the reverb and make your speaker “take a few steps” towards the camera.


Minneapolis, MN • (612)-339-8911 • info@undertonemusic.com