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Storytelling, that's what film making is all about.  Everything serves the story. We've honed our craft of helping tell the story through music and sound for both fiction and non-fiction work.  Let us show you what we can do for you.

"Tom and Undertone Music, Inc. brought a lot to the table with their own intuitions, helping hone in on the right amount of added texture, depth and bass needed for film. Plus he is a good listener and found all kinds of solutions based on our direction. We are thrilled with his score for our film!"
-Laura Farber, Director, We Are Columbine

Not only was their visual symbolism, but there was also musical symbolism as well, though understandably less understated than the visual symbolism. The fade out of the “We Are Columbine” chant at the beginning, the synchronization of the instrumental piano music with the noise of the class bell that Gus describes, or his pounding rap music near the end of the film are all alluring music cues that truly emphasize the mood of the documentary.

-Kali Tuttle, MovieBabble Review

"Their mixes of our expansive New York and and Las Vegas cityscapes sounded tremendous in the theater!  The intimate moments of verité were superbly measured.  Tom is an artist and will elevate your project with his attention.  We'll definitely mix our next project at Undertone."
-Ben May, Director, The Legend of Swee Pea

"Thrilled and amazed by the incredible sonic storytellers at Undertone. They took great care in elevating our film with a phenomenal sound design and mix. Great sound will pull you into a story like nothing else and these are the professionals that you can trust to elevate your vision."
-Jesse Roessler, Director: The Starfish Throwers, Music is My Voice

Beneath the Ink  - 2018 -  Foley, Sound Edit, & Re-Recording Mixing, 
Triumph Pictures, Dir. by Cy Dodson • Website | FB

On The Autism Spectrum  - 2018 -  Original Music
Verso Creative, Dir. by Jerry Smith • Website

We Are Columbine  - 2017 -  Original Music, Foley, Sound Edit & Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Lioness Productions, Dir. by Laura Farber • Website | FB

Through The Banks of the Red Cedar - 2017 - Foley, Sound Edit, & Re-Recording Mixing
Dir. by Maya Washington • Website | FB

First Daughter and the Black Snake  - 2017 -  Foley, Sound Edit & Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Pickett Pictures, Dir. by Keri Pickett • Website | FB

Valuing Lives: Wolf Wolfensberger and the Principle of Normalization – 2016 –  Original Music
RTC Media, Dir. by Jerry Smith • Website

Minnesota 13  - 2015 -  VO Recording, Sound Edit
Flying Pieces Productions, Dir. by Norah Shapiro • Website | FB 

The Legend of Swee’ Pea  - 2015 -  Foley, Sound Edit & Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Norshore Lights, Dir. by Benjamin May • Website | Trailer | FB

Kevin Kling : Lost & Found - 2015 - Original Score
Twin Cities Public Television, Prod. by Catherine Allen • Watch Film on PBS Streaming

Down This Road I’ll Go : The Story of Steve Mireau - 2015 - Location Audio
-Dir. by Joshua Shores• Currently in ProductionWebsite | Trailer

The Starfish Throwers - 2014 - Foley, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Dundee Films, Dir. by Jesse Roessler • Website | Trailer

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus - 2014 - Foley, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Thinking Man Films, Dir. by Tim Mahoney • Website | Trailer

Speed Skate: The Price of Glory - 2014 - Original Score, Sound Edit, Design & Re-recording Mixing
Stone Lantern Films, Dir. Laura DeBruce, Laura Hambleton, Sarah Patton • Website | Trailer | Purchase/Rent 

The Real Story: Media Coverage of Disability Issues in MN - 2013 - Original Music
- Verso Creative/Access Press, Dir. by Jerry Smith • Website | Trailer

Ketchikan: The Timber Years - 2013 - Music Supervision, Sound Edit, Design & Re-recording Mixing.
The Ketchikan Visitors Bureau/Kali Enterprises, Dir. by Laurel Lindahl • Website | Watch The Film

Slavery By Another Name - 2012 - Music Supervision, Sound Edit, Design & Re-recording Mixing.
Twin Cities Public Television, Dir. Sam Pollard • Website | Watch The Film

Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping - 2011 - Original Score
Verso Creative, Dir. Jerry Smith • Organization’s Website | Watch The Film

The Tsunami Children of Aceh - 2008 - Foley, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Dir. by Sayer Frey

Seeing Sally : A Psychics Tale -- 2007 - Foley, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Now Productions, Dir. by Peter Goodman

Divan - 2003 - Foley, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing
Palinka Pictures, Dir. by Pearl Gluck • Website | Trailer

Cho Oyu: West of Everest - 2002 - Foley, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing



Minneapolis, MN • (612)-339-8911 • info@undertonemusic.com