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Great ADR starts with a great voice.   We have the only ADR Stage (36x25x14) with a 13 foot screen in the Midwest! No amount of processing can save a bad performance, but our stage helps actors get back into a scene as if they were on set so they can bring greater feeling to their performance and your film.  But most importantly, our vast experience helps elicit a great read makes it sound amazing!

This makes us the premier facility for ADR in Minneapolis!

ADR Services include:

  • Top-shelf VO mics
    • Brauner Phantera
    • Neuman U87
  • Location Shotgun Mics
    • Schoeps CMIT-5U
    • Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Lavaliers
    • DPA 4061
    • Sanken COS-11
  • High End Mic Pres
    • Custom Designed John Hardy Jensen Twin Servo
    • Focusrite ISA 110
    • Sound Devices 552
  • Phone Patch (free)
  • Source Connect Pro -- we are a Certified Source Connect Pro facility
  • ISDN
  • EdiCue

The mix is all but finished and there is SO MUCH ADR in this movie. Not that you'd know it as it has all slotted in like a dream! Thanks for all your great work on Captain Phillips.
-Simon Chase, Dialogue Supervisor, Captain Phillips.

"Nice job! Really appreciate all your efforts on a flawless session."
-Paul Carden - Dialogue Supervisor, Wilson

Just wanted to say this studio is GREAT and the engineer Tom gets it... This is a great option for ADR in Minneapolis.
-Ben Wilkins, Sound Super on APB on FOX

Notable ADR Sessions:

Captain Phillips, Columbia Pictures - principle Somali ADR • Stranded in Paradise, Hallmark Channel - James Denton, Actor • Wilson, Fox Searchlight • Gold, The Weinstein Co. • Sony Games - Emily Swallow, Actor • The Blood Stripe, Tandem Pictures - Kate Nowlin, Actress  • 

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Minneapolis, MN • (612)-339-8911 • info@undertonemusic.com