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Film Finishing Services

Undertone has evolved to the point of integrating

Online Editorial
Color Grading & Color Correction
Trailer Editorial and Mix
DCP Creation and QC
BluRay Creation and QC

into it's exceptional Film Scoring and Audio Post Services.




Our colorists have deep experience in Film and TV. They'll use that experience to make sure that all your shots in each scene match one another. And we'll work with you to develop the overall "look for your Film or Series Episode. Then we'll make sure your project translates to big or little screen.

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Online Editorial

Online is the final stage full assembly of all your raw full-quality video sources into one cohesive whole and formatted to meet your delivery medium. Even if your source material varies in time and format, our experts will assemble it into one slick presentation. This is also the stage to assemble all your VFX shots, lower thirds, titles, credits and incorporate the color-corrected footage. Then we'll master your film or web series to adhere the strictest broadcast or theatrical specs.


Trailer Editorial and Mix.

We'll take your completed color-corrected film along with the film soundtracks stems and edit an eye-catching, heart-grabbing short trailer. The beauty of this is we will hire out a great editor who is not tied to the project but a fresh set of eyes. And we'll also do it with an eye towards selling and positioning your film for the best possible success in the marketplace.

DCP and BluRay Creation

Let us create and QC your DCP and/or BluRay and be able to screen on a real Dub Stage and in Surround Sound!

These one-stop Finishing Services will allow you, the Filmmaker, to obtain:

Festival Deliverables
Domestic Distribution Deliverables
Foreign Distribution Deliverables

 in one convenient, well-integrated service.

Minneapolis, MN • (612)-339-8911 • info@undertonemusic.com